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How to Select the Perfect Domain Name

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How to Select the Perfect Domain Name

SEO (search engine optimization) is becoming contentious due to radically opposing views on what is the right approach for a website site owner and developer to be at the top of the search results. Google algorithm is continuously evolving, and it is hard for anyone to find what would be the right approach for a given time to compete effectively. This debate often triggered even before the website is created. Therefore, finding a perfect domain name is crucial and overwhelming at the same time for the site owners as well as developers.

Choosing the right domain name is intertwined with naming a business. It has a massive impact on your presence all over the web. Either it is click-through rates, search to social media results, referring links to type in traffic, the brand ability to the offline advertisement, domain name opens the doorway to many options on the internet, or you cannot ignore its impact on your brand. Most compelling reason behind a registered domain name is your credibility and ownership in Cyberspace. Having registered domain name is like having a title deed of a newly purchased house in your hands. Get a right domain name to manage your first impression and to resonate your brand after all more than 84000 new domain names are getting registered on a daily basis

Here is the list of some tools and tips which I have compiled for you as a guiding principle that will inevitably make, not break your online market presence.

Brandable over Generic

Creative and brandable is better than generic. When it comes to select a domain name, always keep in mind that your domain is your first impression. The domain is what your visitors will use as an address to find your website and to share your company. Brandable means having a unique domain name which will help you to stay ahead of the competition whereas generic domain name stuffed with keywords is something which is difficult to remember. Make your domain name brandable by creating your new catchy words. Use a thesaurus to find interesting words suitable for your brand. Utilize tools such as domain name generators to create a unique and brandable domain names.

For example, healthinsurance.net is horribly generic, on the other way around, Insurance.com is amazing because it has a scientific connotation which is making it unique, memorable and brandable.

Keep It Concise

General rule of thumb for a domain name is the shorter, the better. According to research conducted by Gaebler.com, top five websites have six characters in their domain name. As you throw the list of top 1 million domain names, it would be surprising for you to know that there is a direct correlation between the length of the domain name and popularity of the website. A couple of studies conducted in last few years highlighted that an ideal length of a domain name is just eight characters. It seems hard to achieve, but it’s not impossible. Contribute to increasing your site popularity by keeping it concise.

Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

The domain name should be easy to spell and pronounce, but, hyphens and figures make both of these things difficult. Therefore, avoid using hyphens and number in your domain name. Don’t give the wrong impression to potential visitors by hyphen because hyphen is the possible sign of spam domains. Hyphenated domain prone to typo errors and your visitor will end up at your competitor’s site if they forget to type a hyphen. Make your domain name easy to remember and easy to type.

Just imagine Facebook may not have spread so quickly if there was a hyphen in Facebook.

In short, it is important to make your domain name smooth, punchy and stick to the letters only!

Consider Using Keywords    

Finding a good domain name with your target keywords is very challenging. Be carefully at this stage because keywords can help you to improve your site ranking and these words are enough to tell the search engine about services which you are offering. Be creative, combine your keywords with other words and make your domain stand out of the crowd on search result pages.

 Think Long-Term     

Domain name is the one and only element that can define your brand and business for years. If you have a plan to change your domain name in future, then be ready to bear huge pain with it. When choosing a domain name, think long term. My humble suggestion for maintaining a long-term relationship with your domain name is to get married to it. One thing which you can do with your domain is to leave room for expansion. A chance of extension will not limit your options too much to a certain niche.

Stick with “.Com”     

75% domains have “.com” extension. There are many successful websites with “.net” and “.org, ” but it is a safer bet that your site will look better with “.com” extension. It can be tempting to come up with smart blogs and new extensions, but a “.com” domain is something considered as the most established and credible domain extension.


Your domain name is bread and butter of your website. So it is important to make sure to put some careful thoughts to make your choice perfect. A short, memorable domain with perfect thematic relevance and recognition is essential to make your brand successful in the long run. Before moving forward with a particular domain name make sure that any trademark is not already registered to the name. Follow the above mentioned six guiding principles as an ultimate guide to make your domain more than perfect!


Author: Miss Tweak It

IT Expert and Website Designer with over 10 years of experience.

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