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Start Using WordPress Today

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Start Using WordPress Today

It would be quite vocal to proclaim that WordPress is a robust e-commerce platform with the right add-ons, i.e., themes, plugins and a full range of features. Aside from saving thousands of dollars because it is open source, it can significantly increase your online presence too. WordPress is the largest content management system that is suitable for almost all online purposes from regular blogs, portfolios and news sites to fully functional online stores.

Let’s figure out why it is so popular? Why is WordPress the most preferred choice? People have so many options, but why are millions of websites built on WordPress? And why is WordPress good enough to be your final choice?

Here is the list of some of the most compelling reasons that will influence you to start using WordPress today:

Open Source With Room For Expansion

WordPress is free, and this is something which is making it stand out of the crowd. Free means you are free to download, install, use and modify any website on WordPress. Open source means the source code of the software is available for anyone to study, change, or play with, on the site. No cost is associated with downloading, installing and upgrading because WordPress can be a self-hosted platform. You can find over 2,600  WordPress themes and over 31,000 plugins for free. These plugins help you to establish a slideshow, contact forms, and SEO optimization. This web building tool is free from commercial restrictions and limitations. On WordPress, you have the opportunity to use your software in any way and host your website anywhere because WordPress is less costly than other business alternatives.

WordPress is a mature content management system

WordPress is more than ten years old. During this course, it has frequently been refined, tested, enhanced and evolved into a world class blogging software and a web publishing system. WordPress is the most popular web publishing tool due to ease of use and availability of high quality, professional looking themes and plugins. WordPress emerged as a blogging system, but today it is evolved into a full-featured content management system. It is holding largest market share in the content management industry.

WordPress is easy to use, learn and customize

Millions of people are using WordPress, and the number of users is increasing with each passing day. One main reason behind this increase in growth is that it’s easy to use. WordPress usability is just one click away from you. Features are available for blog publishing, user management, comments, RSS feeds, revisions and much more. WordPress is meeting the demand of many users. WordPress also allows users to update plugins and themes. Its flexible framework allows designers and developers to create and modify layouts as well as applications.

Install WordPress to start creating and publishing blogs and pages with custom configuration. You can customize through the panel as well as codes in WordPress. The user-friendly simple dashboard allows you to customize several elements of the website. Moreover, coding experts have the opportunity to customize features of the themes completely by just editing codes. But customization in WordPress coding is not mandatory.

99% SEO Friendly

Google love WordPress sites. WordPress is following standard high-quality codes to make the site more attractive to the search engines. WordPress sites are SEO friendly; you can make them more SEO friendly by just making the use of WordPress SEO plugins. According to Matt Cutts. Google Engineer, WordPress automatically resolves millions of SEO issues, and free Yoast SEO plugins can make the site more search engine friendly. WordPress is successfully fulfilling various predefined search engine parameters to increase the website ranking in search results.

WordPress is safe and secure with little setup and maintenance cost

Devious Media suggested that in the case of WordPress, you have to incur less cost for installation, maintenance, and customization as compared to other content management systems such as Drupal and Joomla. Working on WordPress is not a rocket science, if you need further customization or development in future, you can easily find WordPress developers and designers, or you can do it on your own.

The Internet can be an uncertain place like the real world, but you can ensure that your site is safe and secure from intruders if it is built in WordPress.

Community Support

Support from a great community is making WordPress a community software. It is maintained by a large number of people with an active interest in growing and maintaining WordPress. People contribute to this community by writing patches, answering questions, writing plugins and creating themes. This updated documentation system is influencing people to start using WordPress and contribute back to the community.


WordPress is getting exponentially better as a blogging platform or web publishing system. You have complete control over your site. WordPress is evolving day by day with an objective to improve its user-friendly interface and features. Start using WordPress today and be part of this evolution before it’s too late.


Author: Miss Tweak It

IT Expert and Website Designer with over 10 years of experience.

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