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Top 5 Reasons To Use Google Analytics

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Top 5 Reasons To Use Google Analytics - Miss Tweak It

The web is a crowded place. With over 1 billion live websites according to Internet Live Stats with each website being home to several webpages, images, words and more types of content for the world to consume. With all this going on, it can be difficult for your website to stand out. Which means your content is not reaching your potential audience. This is especially a problem for businesses and websites that you make a living from. This is where Google Analytics comes in and in this article, we will break down five of the most popular reasons why website owners use Google Analytics to help solve this problem.

Reason One:
Insights and Trends

Google Analytics allows website owners to find key indicators and patterns about their website. Such as key terms people are searching for that lead them to a website, or what pages receive the most traffic, or how long each person spends on a particular page. All this information, along with much more helps website owners understand what makes their site appealing to visitors and more importantly what is causing them to turn away.

Reason Two:
Optimize and Build Ranking

Similarly to reason one, Google Analytics helps website owners establish what content, keywords and search terms are working for their website. However, website owners can take this a step further and utilize the information provided by Google Analytics to further tailor their website and improve its overall ranking within search engines. Leading to more traffic visiting the website and the gathering of more vital website data. This is often known as Search Engine Optimization.

Reason Three:
Identify Bottlenecks and Performance Issues

Google Analytics not only provides insights and trends, it also identifies critical issues with a website, such as slow loading speeds, missing pages and other errors that could be turning potential visitors away. Identifying these issues helps website owners plan to improve the overall performance and reliability of their website.

Reason Four:
Ties to Other Google Products

Google offers a range of products and services for businesses and website owners. Such as: Google AdWords, Google AdSense and of course the Google Search Engine itself. Google Analytics can work in collaboration with all the other Google products and services, making for a very cohesive and effective package for business and website owners.

Reason Five:
Increase Traffic

The final reason I will cover is why people use Google Analytics and one that encapsulates every aforementioned point, is that Google Analytics helps website owners increase traffic to their website. There are a plethora of metrics available in Google Analytics, each with the end goal of improving websites and the quality of search results Google provide their customers.


While Google Analytics is not the only tool from Google that helps drive traffic to a website, it is one of the most popular. Plus, it is free, easy to setup and provides endless useful insights. So if you are a website owner, I would advise you give Google Analytics a try and see how it can help your businesses/website.

Author: Miss Tweak It

IT Expert and Website Designer with over 10 years of experience.

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